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Do you have a car in the Syracuse area you’re looking to sell? Still owe money on your car and want to sell it? No problem! Our team at Premier Southern Autos would love to buy your used car!

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Trade in for a newer pre-owned vehicle

After getting your free no-obligation quote you can choose to sell your car to get credit towards the purchase of your next pre-owned or used vehicle with us.

Our pre-owned and used vehicles stand out because most of them are southern sourced. This means that they’ve never seen a winter of harsh snow and ice, and have not been corroded driving over road salt for half the year.

Or sell for a check you can cash the same day

Don’t want to buy a car with us? That’s okay! Instead of credit towards a new vehicle, get a check you can take to the bank today with our quick, simple process! We will pay you top dollar for your vehicle regardless of it’s age, mileage, condition, and even if don’t purchase a vehicle from us!

Even if you don’t buy your next car with us, there’s still plenty of reasons to sell us your used car!

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Why you should sell your car for a newer vehicle

More reliable

Newer vehicles typically have less miles and newer, less worn out parts. You know what this means.

A newer vehicle will need far less frequent repairs and maintenance making it more reliable and less of a hassle to use as your main source of transportation.

New luxury, safety, and entertainment features

Newer vehicles will typically have more luxury and safety features than their older counterparts. This is because newer technology is made as years pass, and the older technology that was only in high end vehicles trickles down as it gets easier and cheaper to make.

These are some of the features you can expect with purchasing a newer vehicle that you typically wouldn’t get with an older one.

● Apple/Android CarPlay
● Wifi hotspot
● Wireless device charging
● Backup/360 cameras
● HUD on windshield
● Heated seats/steering wheel

● LDW (Lane Departure Warning)
● Automatic emergency braking
● Blind spot alerts
● Additional airbags
● Improved scratch structures

Higher quality

People typically increase their income and buying power over time. If you’ve increased your income then you deserve to buy a newer, higher quality car than your last one. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and get a newer, higher quality vehicle that you get to experience every time you leave the house.

Why you should sell US your car

Selling your car in a private sale has plenty of negatives that lead to it not being worth the hassle. Here’s why you should sell your car to us instead.

 Less time required

Selling your car to a private buyer will most likely require talking to multiple people, setting up multiple meetings and test drives. Answering the same questions repeatedly, and dealing with other time wasters.

Selling your car to us will avoid all of these problems, save your precious time, and can be done in one brief conversation.


Private sales require you to meetup with strangers that have no company affiliation which can be dangerous. You will also most likely have to allow a stranger to test drive your vehicle before they decide to purchase it.

There’s also the chance of unexpected financial loss in a private car sale. Many common sorts of fraud can leave you without your vehicle and without payment if you get a faulty check, fake cash, or fraudulent escrow services that you believe are protecting you. Even if everything goes well during the sale, you could be held liable for problems that occur with the car after the sale.

Selling your car to us will give you protection from strangers, fraud, and potential legal action that you wouldn’t get in a sale with a private buyer.

Less work required

Marketing used cars is a skill developed over time. Without this skill you’ll have to wait longer to sell your car, get lower quality offers, and answer more questions than you realize.

Selling your car with us is as easy as sending us your car’s info and dropping it off at our dealership.

Less stressful negotiation

Private buyers will fight tooth and nail to get the lowest price possible because the difference of a couple hundred bucks means a lot more to them than a dealership. We buy and sell cars in higher volume so we won’t waste your time with the back and forth negotiating

Tax deduction credit

Selling your car with us will give you a tax deduction on any car you buy with us. If you sell us your car for $5,000 and buy one that’s listed for $30,000, you will only be taxed on $25,000 of the car’s worth.

We do the confusing paperwork for you

Selling to a private buyer means you have more paperwork to do, and with someone that you’re not sure you can fully trust. With us, you have less confusing paperwork and more peace of mind. We handle the paperwork for the majority of the car sale, so we’ll handle everything involving the title, registration, lien, and proof of sale.

Sell us your car

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